Since ancient times the human being has been evolving its way of thinking and with it has brought new technological and medicinal advances and ways of governing or directing how to live better being more clear in the latter: in advances in the humanities and sciences of life with all the above to give a contribution to humanity, always in search of a more pleasant life and above all a happy life. This way of thinking has made people logical and increasingly intelligent with the passing of time.

For anyone it is a secret that as time goes by situations are changing little by little. To clarify this point of view, this small example is given: 20 years ago in Colombia there were not as many education entities as there are currently, but that change does not It was done overnight. first a few schools were created by the Spanish conquistadors, and many of these were of a religious nature where priests were educated, among others. After that, education happened at the hands of some groups of people very important for the time such as the In the case of the Jesuits these were the ones who brought the Javerian university to Colombia.

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But because this type of example and not another?

Simple. because this is favorable to understand the transition from an uneducated country to one with more and more lights of knowledge this previous as accurate as when a few years ago people did not study and could live the same but today if you do not have a diploma in the office you are sadly worth less for society.

Regarding the above, it should be noted that in the example of Colombia and its education a change was made in people’s way of thinking because at the beginning it was not so necessary to have an academic education since without it they could live life but It was at a price of technological backwardness there were no specialized health centers much less a large number of scientific researchers who made the country a territory economically rich and juicy in science.

These aspects that do not allow a society to take off at par with those of its environment but to stay in yesterday therefore sooner or later he must move and it is at this point that the customs of many are changed so as not to be run over by the majority. for this reason it is important to study today although you do not think it is important to tell you because it is:

Why is it important to study?

We all think differently but there are things that characterize us as beings in common and one of those is that whatever you do you will always be in the middle of the system that governs the world, many seek ways to get out of it but it is almost impossible it is so difficult that in the end it is more viable to go with the system but to do it in the best way and is to be an important person.

Being important is not at any moment to be a bad person with acts harmful to other people but to be a person that contributes directly to the improvement of a country’s life such as being a scientist a lawyer and an honest political leader among others. A person like you is admired by many and the example of following others this person can have a quiet life without worrying about the rent of the house or the bills of public services of each month.

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What influence do postgraduates have?

The important person is not only want it it requires more components and one of the most important today is to have a good academic preparation have a minimum of undergraduate and if you have masters or doctorate studies much better it is true that such a person contributes to the integral development of society but it is evident that also as a person has its benefits  Such as having your children in outstanding schools not having difficulties in giving them their professional studies and not to mention the luxuries that you can provide yourself as well as your family.

Not everything is so easy for that you must study a lot and there are to clarify that many people do not achieve this goal because of lack of money but not all is lost because today there are opportunities to do a PhD at the most expensive university and all for free yes it is how you are thinking  a scholarship. the path of obtaining a scholarship is not easy but not impossible and more likely if you are from a country whose development is considered underdeveloped, what is needed is to fight! but not do it because yes but do it by giving your children the opportunity for a good life.

If you do not try to make it happen?

In 2019 you go to a supermarket and puff you find more expensive products than a couple of years ago and the funny thing is that it was the same as you always bought but what will really make you think about that is when you go to pay and your money does not give up!. Having more money before arriving at the supermarket can be a thought, maybe you will not pay attention to it at that moment but as you go shopping your money will not reach you for the month as you did before.

all this you will live more and more and more because the economy is going up every day nothing is worth less than yesterday. the economic difficulty can answer it with academic preparation which the products raise and your salary also. It sounds a bit strong but it must be said if a product of the market becomes less accessible to our pocket every day a house a vehicle as a means of transport will be almost impossible to acquire. so the best way is to think for our children and make a little effort to improve our office with new diplomas that prove you are one step ahead of the economic system that makes the future of your future and your family more impossible.