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remote net junior developer jobs

junior developer jobs

Working from home has been a reality with the advancement of technology, however the most common remote jobs are those related to computers. In this article we will teach you everything related to junior developer jobs, remote developer salary and types of developers.

The best remote jobs in technology companies can be found in the multinationals with the greatest coverage in the world, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon. There are also companies subcontractors of larger companies which offer their vacancies on their own websites, having work for face-to-face and remote developers.


junior developer jobs

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types of developers

There are several types of developers, according to the field of action where a professional can perform specific functions, below a list of the different developers.


  • web developer jobs remote

Web graters are focused only on the web, although they have knowledge in different languages such as Pyton, Java and other programming languages, their work area uses HTML5, CCS, Java, libraries.

  • junior developer jobs

He is a programmer who assists a larger team of computer systems. Among its functions is to write code, and participates in software design

  • Software developer

It is responsible for creating applications and software in which the developer adds functions for user navigation.

  • Back-end developer

It is a software developer but works with the server of the whole system, it is the one who controls the server

  • Front-end developer

It works from the perspective of the user, that is, they correct the way of navigation so that users have a good experience in the websites or programs.

  • Full-stack developer

works in full-stack and back-end, that is to say that it must improve the experience of the user, and also he must know programming languages to control the server

  • Game developer

They design and create games for computers and consoles, in addition to coding code and the use of programs must make intective tests for the user experience.

  • Big data developer

These developers work in the coding of large amount of data, the data is stored in clouds for its great weight and in large libraries

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) developer

Create CRM platforms, CRM platforms are used in companies to carry clear and organized information on sales, employees and inventories.


remote developer salary

There is no exact figure of the salary of a developer so it depends on the time of experience and the type of developer and depends a lot on the company where you work, however there is an average salary ranging from the Junior Develope to a Senior Develope.

  • junior developer jobs: $66,000 usd/year – $110,000usd/year EE.UU
  • web developer jobs remote: $47,000 usd/year – $110,000 usd/year EE.UU
  • Software developer: $47,000 usd/year – $130,000 usd/year EE.UU
  • Back-end developer: $72,000 usd/year – $230,000 usd/year EE.UU
  • Front-end developer: $49,000 usd/year – $147,000 usd/year EE.UU
  • Full-stack developer: $46,000 usd/year – $130,000 usd/year EE.UU
  • Game developer: $29,000 usd/year – $190,000 usd/year EE.UU
  • Big data developer: $55,000 usd/year – $ 174,000 usd/ year EE.UU
  • CRM developer: $61,000 usd/year – $174,000 usd/year EE.UU

list of Remote Developer Jobs

The entry level of remote developer jobs is the lowest as it comprises zero to one year of experience in the field.

Developer – Remote Work

Remote FrontEnd Developer

DevOps Engineer ️ US Company 100% Remote Job

Developer – Remote – Colombia

Remote BackEnd Developer

Senior Freelance Fullstack Developer (LATAM) – Remote

PHP + Laravel + Vue.js Developer – Remote – Colombia

Go Developer

.Net Web Developer

Java Developer – Remote Work / Ref/ 0003E – Hiring Immediately

Developer – Remote – Colombia

Developer – Remote Work

.NET Junior/Trainee – REMOTE WORK


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