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school management system

school management system

The school management system varies every day according to the needs of multinationals and the global financial market, this is evidenced by the fact that the education  is focused on generating graduate employment.

school management system SMS


All educational centers such as columbia university online have school management software which is also known internationally as school management system. This system of education is taught in several countries being the United Kingdom and the United States of America, places where it is most applied. This system is useful in the sense that every day education centers, universities are adopting virtual or distance education.

Not only the big multi-million dollar industries have realized that virtuality does pay, but also the schools want to change the traditional education methodology to make use of technology since in profitable terms it would be more profitable since the university would have more students from all over the world.


What the School Management System offers

  • Allows to register student data.
  • The information of grades obtained in the classes.
  • Allows you to create the semester.
  • Study plan, subject, timetable, quizzes.
  • You can keep track of student attendance system.
  • Observations of students such as excuses for absences, calls for attention, etc.

wordpress school management system

If you are interested in purchasing software, purchasing the software is beneficial for a company, university or high school because the entity will be more organized. Before purchasing software you should first do a test run with a few vendors of these systems.

A free place where you can make use of the software is wordpress school management system.
wordpress school management system

School system for wordpress works with the installation of a plug-in which allows you to manage class schedules, teachers list, the identification of all the staff of the entity not only students but also teachers, administrators and janitors.

Installation sms short code

Once you have installed the plugin you must add the short code on the pages or entries you want to manage, and only remains to make the appropriate configuration for you.

short code










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